Our company includes the basic process that includes requirements, validation, training, and user ownership. We adhere to important phases like planning, analysis, design, and implementation and so on, that are essential for developing robust software.

We make use of Microsoft .NET Framework from 2008 to deliver robust and scalable web, enterprise and desktop applications. Our areas of expertise include ASP.Net,VB.Net, C#.Net, Web Services, ADO.Net with SQL Server 2005 or My SQL 2008. Our services are available for customized application development, integration of web based application with legacy systems and mobile application development.

Techmindz has been expertise in PHP for a long time and developed many applications that have been running successfully so far. LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) architecture is adopted for developing and executing dynamic and high performance web systems. We keep the time and cost under control giving way to open source technologies to carry cost-effective information enriched website and portals to meet your demands.

The popularity of Java, the OOP language is well know due to its ‘write once , and run anywhere feature, The instruction set of JVM, the Java byte code makes this possible. Java language and platform are designed with appropriating security considerations. It allows to down-load and executes the files from the Internet without affecting the local machine’s security. Latest version of Java has tightened these security aspects to run the code such as applet, servlet or other Java enabled components. The awt and swing packages have enriched the graphical /GUI powers of Java..


TECHMINDZ Internship program is a new concept in developing students into industrial ready professionals,Managed exclusively by professional from the industry, it incorporate innovative teaching methods to enhance the employability of new college graduates and Engineers seeking a career change.

We’re building a new platform for developing technologies and are looking for bright interns to help put together a proof of concept. We have to create a knowledge management system which will preserve the knowledge of practices by using new technologies.

The final year project is the most important academic activity for the students, where the students can learn about various software development tools that are used during the project development. During the final year project duration, the students will be working on real-time projects, which will measure the technical knowledge of the student acquired over the entire course..

The college students are provided inplant training on various courses based on their interest. The courses session includes real-time training, practical implementations, theoretical knowledge and practical assessments. The courses assists the students to get career guidance and in-depth knowledge on latest IT technology.

one month / three month / six month

Learn the ever growing technologies and build your own project! The course has been prepared by experts and teaches you domain learning, practicing and developing extremely easy with this training.



*Note:Based on ur requirements the fees will be decrease